The guardian Home Program

How do we keep up with the demand for ethical breeding in the NYC/NJ without farmland?

How do we develop our own lines of well-tempered, health tested, hypoallergenic puppies while still providing them with nurturing and loving forever homes?

How do we protect our female dogs from overbreeding?

We need people who share our mission!

  • A Guardian home receives the "pick of the litter" puppy determined by breeder. These dogs are often worth upward of $10,000 because of their lineage, purchased breeding rights, and out-of-pocket health testing. The dog will go on to be DNA, blood, and health tested (min. OFA heart, hips, and eyes), and covered by GWD's Trupanion insurance policy. Other than the required quality Royal Canin Puppy food, all expenses are on us - including boarding when needed!

  • Female Dogs will be bred 3 MAX to prevent health complications. Let me tell you, I would never again own a female dog who hasn't had her own children! Motherhood simply becomes a female dog. They are more self aware, compassionate, and connected with their owners. We breed our dam's young and back to back. This requires them being away from you (though you're welcome to visit and experience the puppy proccess!) for 4 weeks every 6 months. They "retire" early, we pay for them to be safely spayed, and they are yours to keep with no further obligation.

  • Please realize that 4 weeks, 3 times, can be tolling on a family who lives far away and unable to visit their pet. We are a very open home, but we need to work with people we can trust who also trust us completely.

  • Males will be compensated $500 per successful breeding, keeping in mind that they are bred more often than females. We will need to borrow your pet twice on the month our female is ready (which is only twice per year). You can choose to simply drop your fellow off to us for the week, or let us bring our damn to you. Males tend to do a lot better mating in their own territory! Because we do our own progesterone testing, our females are READY to breed and the process is extremely quick. We ask that you allow us to breed your male as long as he is healthy and producing well (up to 5 years). We are currently accepting male guardians for Macie and LuLu's boys only.

  • Although we are usually trusted friends with our guardians (and love meeting more like minded people!), we also implement a contract should anything go wrong on either end. This shouldn't be scary or risky for anyone involved. The focus remains on healthy and happy families and dogs!

  • Express your interest through our contact form and we will put you on a list of interest. As puppy's come up that we consider best for breeding, we will go down the list.

In addition to our guardian families - we retire our breeding females quite early. If you're interested in waiting on a well-trained, healthy, retired male or female (they're usually done around only 3 yrs of age!) Let us know as well.