Puppy Purchase Contract

This sample puppy purchase contract between Graced with Doodles and all future puppy owners will be presented and signed before the time of purchase (through Docusign). Please familiarize yourself with the details and feel free to contact us with any questions beforehand!

Unique Parts of our contract you probably won't find elsewhere!

  1. Individual DNA coat testing for each individual puppy by Animal Genetics.

  2. Embark DNA Results of each parent showing clearance of over 220 Breed-Specific Diseases or Predispositions, including 4-generation parentage breed guarantee that help ensure our size predictions of their puppies. It also guarantees that your doodle is only Golden Retriever and Poodle (and the percentages of each).

  3. Comprehensive "Level 3" fecal exams by ClueJay, which are provided at go-home covering not just parasitic clearance, but protozoal involvement (impossible to see without being sent to a laboratory) and any DNA remnants of previous disease (Parvo, Adenovirus, Leptosporosis, Coronavirus, etc.) since their time of birth.

  4. Details with Vial Stickers/Lot Numbers/ Experation Dates and high-end Brands of all vaccinations ordered from the reputable Animal Revival Health. We also provide our deworming protocols (we start mom at 44 days pregnant and continue her on Panacur through 2-weeks, followed by the pups at 4 & 6 weeks). We give an excellent dewormer called Bayer Quad at 7 weeks along with Toltrazuril, a off-label and unique preventative for the difficult to detect protozoa called Coccidia.

  5. We take our puppies back for FULL REFUND minus your deposit for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER before 12 weeks old!

  6. Our go-home packs are unique and filled with virtually everything you will need to raise your puppy for the first 5 months. We include their current food, a blanket with litter scent, a Snuggle Puppy, Slip Lead, favorite toys and treats, grooming supplies, an emergency first-aid kit we swear by such as Zymox ear care, supplements, Fortiflora Probiotics (patented by Purina), and a 30-day free insurance through Trupanion, along with other fun novelty items (we like to keep these ones a suprise;-).

  7. We pay for ANY issue's we could have prevented at your first vet-visit, and offer home visits for non-emergent issues we may be able to help with.

  8. Because we believe your Puppy will be better off staying with us anytime before their Rabies vaccine (at 16 weeks), we provide free boarding for all our puppies if you have a vacation planned or other emergency. After 16 weeks, we board all our dogs throughout their lives for $40/night.