Available & Planned Litters

Please read this page in full and look around our website before contacting. We are then happy to chat with you on the phone with any questions you have!

Please remember that Graced With Doodles is our HOME. We are an open-book on our website and social media and run as transparently as possible. However, it's simply impossible to allow visitors while also protecting the bio-security of our puppies, pregnant moms, and the balance of running a family! We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are interested in one of the litters below, please FILL OUT AN APPLICATION HERE and then text 314-288-4430 if you are ready to place a Deposit to be on our Master Waitlist.

We accept check by mail made out for $500.00 to "Ethical Breeding LLC"

You can also Venmo our business page @gracedwithdoodles

*All Reservation Fees for Born or Planned Litters are $500 and are deducted from final payment*

1) Petite Standard Englishdoodles 50 lb (various shades) Macie ($3,700) - She is in heat! and will be meeting with her Our beloved sire Pebbles, one of our very own Red Goldendoodles from Ada's past litters! These puppies are ready to go home in early/mid-November, 2022. Two of these puppies will be donated to Therapy dog Services and though we only take 7 reservations, she is anticipated to have more.

Updated 7/19/22: Macie's Waitlist has no available PAID spots, HOWEVER - we will reopen the list when the puppies are born as we anticipate more puppies than we take deposits for

2) Medium Goldendoodles 30-40 lb (Apricot), Ada ($3,700): Planned go home Mid-January, 2023. We will update when this waitlist becomes available.

3) Mini Englishdoodles 25lb (various shades of white through Apricot). LuLu's next litter is completely booked and we will update when we have mini's available again.

Please Note

A huge part of "breeding ethically" is making sure that we meet the demand of our customers BEFORE producing any puppies! We do our very best to share our curriculum (and outcomes!) to interested buyers before breeding our dogs at all. While it may be frustrating to have a long wait before seeing and owning your puppy, we are confident in our bloodlines and the temperaments we produce. We simply cannot take "special orders" when it comes to gender or timing. This is also why we breed dogs of similar color and coat. There is not much difference at all in how they all end up looking, or even behaving! Please see our reviews, check around the site, add your name to our non-paid waitlist for updates, and stay tuned if you're interested in one of our puppies in particular!

If you can't wait, we highly recommended searching the Goldendoodle Association of America's database, using GoodDog.com, or at the very minimum, finding an IN-HOME breeder than does DNA testing at a MINIMUM. There is so much that goes into producing a well-tempered dog, but we have found "gene expression" (genetically healthy dogs living during pregnancy, birthing, nursing, and while raising a litter) in a home environment to be extremely beneficial to adapting well to family/home environments. In addition, make sure the breed you are looking for is suitable to your needs. "Doodles" come in all shapes and sizes! However, breeding a poodle to a sheepdog (for example) who was born to heard sheep, are probably not going to be the best fit for a family of young children.

We look forward to working with you - but also know there are other wonderful dog breeders in the world, so feel free to contact us (when we have time, we are happy to chat!) if you need guidance in a different direction. <3

Our Process:

1) Pay a non-refundable $500 reservation fee (goes toward final puppy price)

2) Choose which Master list you want to be on by filling out the electronic reservation agreement form.

3) You will be notified as soon as pregnancies are successful, when litters are born, and as they progress! The "Puppy Pick Up Date" is determined on date of birth and we will let you you know ASAP.

4) You will not be removed from the Master list until you choose a puppy. This means you can change which Master list you are on as long as you let us know (ex: changing from a standard to a mini). This also insures that you are never "settling" on a puppy, should you not feel the ones available to you at your time of making a pick. are the right match.

5) At 7 weeks old, we perform "puppy evaluations," which are recorded and sent out to the entire list. The evaluations are a group of small challenges we perform with the puppy to evaluate their different natural traits such as touch tolerance, nerve resilience, human focused-ness, dog assertiveness, workability, energy-level, confidence, etc. We score each puppy based on these qualities and help you determine which puppy is the best fit for your family. For example, a puppy with low nerve resilience (an adjustable trait) would probably not do great in a home with young children while they are still developing their confidence.

***There is NO PERFECT PUPPY, and we breed to INCREASE the quality of the breed. Therefore, you will find each puppy has different strengths and possibly some things that need continued reinforcement to thrive in your home. We do not breed dogs that have "fixed" temperament issues, such as aggression or resource guarding. Therefore, evaluations are MOSTLY to help you learn their personalities (and get a better overall picture of them before pick-day) and to help families with very young children. We find dogs with higher nerve resilience do better in these families. Young children have unpredictable body language to a puppy and some may need a more consistent/stable environment in their early weeks.

If you fall in love with a certain dog that shows lower nerve-resilience, just be prepared to supervise the puppy with your children through the age of 20 weeks.

8) The First Saturday after the puppy turns 8 weeks, we hold a single "puppy pick day" where you arrive at our home in the order of your deposit. We find that almost every family is able to narrow down their top 2-3 picks after the evaluation process. If you CANNOT be physically present on "pick day" please let us know as soon as the date is determined for alternative arrangements.


If you have never raised a puppy before (even if you grew up with dogs, etc.) we newly require that you participate in a training program. This can be the Baxter & Bella Online program, OR, preferably, an in-person weekly group class. We highly recommend Kathy Santos Dog Training. They offer a package at $270 6-7 weeks (doesn't have to be consecutive) group training class for puppies and their owners. This also allows free live-zoom classes throughout the week. Though it may sound cliche, the best way to train a puppy is to train the owner! We find these classes to be extremely flexible with very little time commitment (around 30 minutes). Kathy's trainers take individual requests during the class. The classes are not simply to teach your dog "sit"... the trainer will physically show and correct the way you interact with your dog. These classes can begin as soon as 8 weeks (since we give 3 parvo vaccines by 8 weeks!) and are WONDERFUL for scheduling in that very important socialization! We get TWENTY WEEKS to help "seal in" who these dogs will become for life - so, even if you feel confident taking home a puppy, we strongly consider taking part in a program - an easy and affordable investment that will hopefully multiply over 15+ years. We even bring our own puppies/dogs and find we learn something new every time!

While we do our best to help families after they take their puppy home... there is only so much I can do on my own. Insuring success with your puppy will take 3 of us... their breeder, their trainer, and you!

Provided with Each Litter

*Pictures and Video's updated frequently with Growth Updates & Puppy Curriculum

*A video of each pup performing the same puppy evaluation given before selecting your puppy.

*3 sets of vaccinations, deworming, pre-registered microchips, 30 days free health insurance and 2 yr. Health Guarantee.

*Individual DNA Coat testing on each Puppy to determine their length, shed, curl, & furnishings.

*Discounts to Baxter & Bella Training Program and a take-home Puppy Care Pack

*On-going 24/7 Support after puppy goes home & access to our private Facebook Page

Ensuring you are part of this journey is so important to us!