Our Puppy Curiculum & Methods

Performing Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction and Frequent Health checks are critical ways we ensure our puppies introduction to a safe, loving start in life. By supporting their immune systems, protecting gut health and encouraging them to explore new challenges, they quickly become confident and aware of their abilities. They leave our home understanding that the world is a safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly!

Touch Tolerance, Preventing Resource Guarding, Ultrasound Monitoring, and continuing support after you go home with basic command training and common unwanted behaviors in their new homes.

These are some examples of our curriculum and routines, begin crate training with individual crates and their snuggle puppies, how we involve our children in the program and help puppies who may be struggling.

**Some video's are older so recommendations may have changed re: food, and what we send home in our "puppy packs." See our Prepare for Pick Day or your individual litter page for up to date versions of what your puppy is currently using.