Our Newest Therapy Dog: Sunny!

Sunny is beginning a Pilot program at Tunkhannock School Tri-District to help students with their Guidance Counselor, Kate Krispin, who has many exciting idea's in mind for students affected by a post-covid era. We can't wait to see Sunny fulfill her purpose as a therapy dog and an AKC R.E.A.D. Dog at the school. Stay tuned for updates!

Adventures with Blue Path Service Dogs

We adore Jody and Caroline Sandler of Blue path Service Dog's and the unbelievable support from the community they have created. Between Puppy fostering, handling, autism training, and whelping/puppy rearing volunteers, we are always looking to them for mentorship and guidance. Follow their work at BluePath and don't hesitate to attend or sponsor one of their next fundraisers, where friendly dogs are always allowed!

We just fostered a litter of BluePath Service Dog puppies that will train to serve autistic children. Our 0-8 week puppy curriculum was a valuable start to their life mission!

Local Initiatives and Sponsorships

There's always a way to give back, whether to local shelter's or our children's school and their awesome initiatives! Puppies and Dogs truly find ways to bring people together in magical ways.

Charity Organizations

Are you an established charity organization looking for a "pick of the litter" Goldendoodle to raise money for your 501 (c) organization or contribute to a family in need? We donate 1-2 dogs from each litter for this purpose. Please e-mail us directly at grace@gracedwithdoodles or call/text/whatsapp us at 314-288-4430 and we will let you know how the process works and what we have available to offer. We do have a list of organizations that take priority (such as Make-a-Wish Foundation and Service Dog organizations) but sometimes there is availability at the right time and place.

Do you believe you qualify for your own ESA, Therapy or Service Dog?

We can refer amazing and progressive psychiatrists who support our mission and can meet with you remotely to diagnose and provide appropriate documentation for your needs when warranted.