We have found wonderful homes for all pups - thanks for your interest!

Please only inquire if you are serious about owning a (young adult) dog who needs to be spayed. We have appointments lined up for them and will steer you where to go. 

Rehoming fee is discounted to $500 for the right family as they need 1:1 attention ASAP. They are all DNA tested (showing their percentages of breed, coat characteristics shedding/non, and clear of 215+ genetic predispositions such as hip displasia), up to date on vaccinations (rabies + DDAP) and have grown up inside our home freely (not in kennels) around children and other dogs & puppies on a daily basis. 

At 10 months - 2.5 years, they have established personalities (and basic training - potty, leash, sit, etc.) of their own and still young enough to adapt to your environment and way of life. They are not trained therapy dogs. It's heartbreaking for us to say goodbye, but retiring moms after 2 litters is in their best interest and we love knowing they'll be front and center in a new home. 

Lucy (LuLu) 

Adoption Pending

Mini English F1 Goldendoodle 

DOB: 3/16/21 (2.5 yrs)

Size: 25 lbs

Coat: Non-shedding and little curl (wavy)

If you love small dogs - you'll love Lulu! She wants nothing more than to be on your lap getting her belly (or ANY body part) rubbed! She won't give up asking for it either... so make sure you're ready to handle the guilt trip ;-) 

Lulu has been the most responsible, amazing mother we've ever seen. For such a needy love-bug, she consistently rose to the challenge of whelping independently and caring for her pups well past the 4-week requirement. She is mature and wise underneath that little fluffball exterior, which adds to her lovability.

Lulu is completely tolerant of children and other dogs and has never as much as growled. She has a very submissive personality and a healthy mix of energetic tendencies. She loves walks, but could do just as well snuggling up at home all day, as long as you remember that rub... and maybe a game or two ;-)

Lulu is up to date on vaccines, but will need her spay procedure at your convenience. 


Adoption Pending

Litter: Macie x Pebbles (not a retiring mom)

DOB: 9/14/2022 (10 months old) 

Size: 35 lbs

Coat: No Furnishings (flat coat), low-shedding.

*Spay appointment scheduled at "Ace of Spays" in NJ for Tuesday, August 8th as an option.

Luna is a playful and loving flat-coated Goldendoodle puppy. With such a beautiful coat and open face, we had planned to keep her as our own until old enough for breeding. It's SO nice that Luna is such a low-shedder that doesn't need those monthly grooming appointments! She's potty trained, responds to basic commands and loves going on walks.

At 10 months old, she's in her "mischievous puppy" phase and definitely needs mental stimulation - don't be fooled by all the pictures of her snuggled up! She can be skittish around new people and dogs at first, but always warms up and loves to socialize. She has a "big dog" personality in a small stature and gets very attached to whoever is giving her what she wants (like walks and ball games!). True to her behavior evaluation at age 7 weeks, she's still working on her nerve strength and isn't fond of loud noises or unsure footing. She is quiet as a mouse in the house, but when overstimulated or left alone outdoors, Luna has a throaty bark (did someone say squirrel?!). We've started training her with a vibrating bark collar which deters her just by placing it on her neck.

Luna's siblings stay in touch with each other through text message and even plan meet-ups! They're all thriving and I'm sure she would love to see them again one day. Her siblings are planning their spay/neuter within the next few months, and she will need this taken care of as well (she's had 1 heat, which is the current recommendation to allow before spay). 

Edited to add: Luna will do best in a home with no young children/animals OR an experienced owner. Luna has never shown resource guarding in our home, but she recently visited another family who reported growling at their older dog over her belongings. There are several factors that could have contributed to this, including having just had her first heat! She's still a puppy and needs reminders of how to share. Luna has never bitten a human or animal despite consistent nagging by young puppies and children. 


Adoption Pending

English Cream F1 Goldendoodle

DOB: 3/10/2021 (2.5 yrs old)

Size: 60 lbs

Coat: Straight, coarse, low/seasonal shedding.

Macie has been a gift to our program, our family, and many other families... mothering 2 litters of which several have become therapy dogs. 

She is a 60 lb lounger! You are more likely to trip over Macie taking a nap in your kitchen than you are to hear or see her. With true maternal instinct and a steady demeanor that's slow to excite or anger... she does wonderful with children or other dogs of any age She's well potty trained, follows commands, and is a sucker for a good rub... which she easily solicits with long batty eyelashes and polite manner. 

Macie has also been known to catch backyard mice (and a bird - yikes!) in one foul swoop - majestically, of course. She's a low-maintenance, easy to please gal who does a shockingly good job at keeping her white coat clean. Her coat is wavy/straight (less matting than curly dogs!) and does shed some, especially in early summer. 

Macie is up to date on vaccines and microchipped, but she will need a spay procedure.