Health Testing

We believe a breeding program (or any business!) thrives best in full transparency. Below, find the full health reports for our current litter's Sire and Dam. They have been cleared of 200+ genetic variances not only for their own breed, but for ANY canine diseases. With a little research, you will discover this is pretty rare!

These are a few genetic traits that help our dogs stand out:

COI & Diversity: Their coefficient of inbreeding (COI) is <10%, and diversity levels are high. Studies show that dogs with higher COI's are prone to depression and also live an average of 4 years less that those with higher COI. These dogs are also prone to autoimmune diseases and allergies.

Coat genetics: Our dogs carry coats with the lowest shedding, no chance of alopecia (hair loss) or skin disease, no "dilute" gene (which fades color over time), and are in the rarer category of "ee" with moderate and intense red color, and the desirable "furnishings" that make Goldendoodles so irresistible! Our puppies will consistently hold these traits and range in spectrum from apricot to deep red.

Purebred Mix: Our dog's are both certified F1B Goldendoodles with no "unspecified" genetics. This insures the smart, obedient, and sweet temperaments that Poodles and Golden Retrievers have been bred to develop over hundreds of years!

Structure/Weight: Both our dogs carry "NN," or "normal motivation for food," which prevents them from gaining excess weight and the many health issue's that follow.

While clubs like the AKC, CKC, ICA, etc. have kept paper records of their dogs and pedigrees for many years... many are surprised that their AKC dog with a 0% Pedigree COI actually have a MUCH higher Genetic COI. The full canine genome was discovered in 2004, giving us tools to breed more ethically by avoiding diseases that might not be physically presented in parent dogs.

Choosing your puppy through ethical, knowledgable and informed breeders is the best way to invest in the health of a new family member! It also contributes to the greater goal of ending poor breeding practices, puppy mills, and the hardship (emotional and financial) that comes with adopting a diseased puppy.

Here at Graced with Doodles, we use our background in medical science, our love for animals, and a commitment to transparency to produce beautiful, loyal, and hypoallergenic companions. We breed no more than two litters at any given time, and take our reputation very seriously! No dog from our program should EVER be placed into a shelter as they can always be returned without question.