About Us

Grace is a Nurse Anesthesiologist that now stays home with 3 children of her own (7, 9, and 10). Her specialty is Intensive care and OBGYN. She finds the similarities between dog and human pregnancies fascinating. She's originally from Dublin, Ireland, raised in Brooklyn, spent time in St. Louis, and is now in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ.

Dan is a surgeon who became a huge dog fan when he met our first Bichon puppy named Samantha over 15 years ago! He's a compassionate and talented doctor whose skills carry over into his passion for our dogs. He is a master at decoding genetics, reading sonograms, and rocking our puppies to sleep.

Why breed Multigenerational Goldendoodles?

With the use of genetic testing (we test all puppies and send home their paperwork for your records), there is no reason to use delineations like F1, F1b, etc. We breed for desirable traits, temperaments, health concerns, coats and "workability." With the use of DNA testing on each litter and our own experience developing our lines, there is simply no reason to label an already mixed-breed dog. We know much more about our puppies than those delineations could ever tell us.

We consider ourselves not only breeders, but researchers. Our curriculum that starts at 3 days old with ESI/ENI (early scent introduction and early neurological evaluation) touch tolerance, and continues in a very structured way. We do refer to older established curriculum plans originally created around purebred dogs, but we also look for the modifications needed to establish Goldendoodles as their own reliable and consistent breed; not for hunting ducks, racing, guarding, or chasing rodents... but as what we believe to be wonderful family oriented pets. Multigenerational breeding while monitoring DNA and coat patterns is the only way to accomplish this.

How do you choose to price the pups?

We donate 1-2 dogs per litter to charity organizations and facility/therapy/service dog organizations, no matter how many puppies are born. The purpose of our work is to collect data and contribute real research to Dog Development between 0-8 weeks of age, for which so little is known. We are a registered LLC unlike most breeders and don't rely on our program for income. Much of our puppy pricing goes directly back into our program through ongoing education, contributing research, using the highest quality vaccines/food/supplements and equipment, our objective behavioral assessments, and making sure we have extra help when we need it. It's a labor intensive job and not for the faint of heart.

Newborns need constant care and observation. Moms can accidentally sit on them when nursing, some are born needing resuscitation and oxygen with heated incubators, and others need to be supplemented with tube feeding every 2 hours. Moms also need constant care during birth (which can last 24 hours) and often need IV fluids, calcium supplementation, antibiotics, and constant monitoring for mastitis, eclampsia, low calcium levels that can cause aggression towards newborns, or pyometria of the uterus after birth. They could also need emergency C-sections. While getting pregnant, moms also need progesterone testing (blood draws that are centrifuged and ran through a special machine) almost every day. They need special food, supplementation, deworming medications, and ultrasound monitoring during pregnancy.

DNA testing on every puppy, cleared fecal and wellness exams, and behavioral assessments at 7 weeks old by an objective and qualified evaluator are also huge and necessary expenses. We send home all of our dogs with hundreds of dollars worth of what we truly believe they need to continue our curriculum and health protocols, and we value the time we spend educating and communicating (continuously) with all our families. We are here for you and your puppy for life. We love our program and believe in doing things the right way.